Climbing Everest does not provide any standard service for ladies, for reasons of personal safety in particular. We do, however, offer tailor-made packages, after consideration of your full requirements. The only destination currently available is Ireland, where we have a trusted country manager in place for just such purpose. And what lady would not like to meet a charming Irishman?

Prices depend on specific requirements and on the final package selection. We will be happy to discuss the details with you through private communication.

Our Irish base is located on the scenic Atlantic Ocean western coastline, and it is highly recommended to think holiday or vacation, in addition to thinking of suitable matches. So tag on a few additional days if you can for site-seeing and indulging a little of Irelands famous socialising pub/music scene or other.

The information you provide is strictly confidential, and will be immediately deleted upon your instruction, should you so request.

We wish you good luck with your climb!

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