Climbing Everest provides Resumes/CVs of suitable female matching candidates, based on the information you have provided through the registration process. The better and more extensive the information provided, the easier our task becomes. If we can not match your details with any suitable candidate we will tell you in accordance with our strict policy of honesty and integrity, your registration fee will be returned to you, and the exercise has cost you nothing. However, we are confident that we will not fail you. Presently we have agents in Ukraine and Ireland, with a number of others soon to be announced.

Following your registration you will receive email contact from one of our representatives to arrange a time and date for a brief. online introductory meeting. Assuming both parties are happy to proceed, you will receive four Resumes/CVs within maximum seven days from your interview. Two replacement CVs will be provided free of charge if necessary, should you reject any of the original four. Your full fees become payable in the increments outlined under the Services tab/page of the site (bottom of page).

The information you provide is strictly confidential, and will be immediately deleted upon your instruction, should you so request.

We wish you good luck with your climb!

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