1. Is Climbing Everest a dating site

No it's not. This site is for people who have reached a stage in life where they wish to find a compatible match or soulmate, and are generally done with the dating game.  But of course you will date your soulmate, when you find her with our help.

2. How do you find a match for me, and how does the system work?

Our regional managers source and interview candidates who wish to register as potential matches for our clients. You will receive four resumes of suitable (in our opinion) candidates, and up to 2 replacement resumes free of charge if you are not happy with any of the original ones. You will then travel for face-to-face meetings, and you can additionally avail of the option of having an online meeting with the candidates before travelling.

3. Are fees payable?

Yes. Fees are payable at various stages in the process and are detailed on the 'Services' tab.

4. How is payment made?

All payments are made through the internationally secure Paypal payment service. You will need a credit card or Paypal account to make the payment.

5. Will I travel as an individual or as part of a group?

We do not organize group tours. We cater for individuals who are comfortable to travel alone and have the confidence to do so, perhaps being happier with the confidentiality that travelling alone will bring. It is entirely up to you who you wish to inform of your involvement with Climbing Everest. But as with all foreign trips, we highly recommend that you inform and least one close friend or family member of your travel plans.

6. Will I meet the 4 candidates as a group or individually, and where will I meet them?

You will meet the candidates individually, with a short break in between each meeting. The meetings will take place at a quite informal location, such as a café or hotel lobby, that will be conducive to having a good conversation. The meetings will happen as early as possible during your trip, to afford you the maximum time to go for dinner with, do some sightseeing with, or just getting to know better the candidate that you consider a suitable match.

7. Am I guaranteed to find a suitable match?

No. Such is life. The initial face to face meetings (or the initial online meetings) may tell you if you feel that some chemistry exists between you and one of the candidates. Our managers will do everything possible to assist you  and your preferred candidate in this respect. But ultimately however, impressing the candidate enough that she will have similar feelings, is up to you. But remember, the fact that she has shown up for the meeting is already proof that she is largely interested, and the fact that we have matched you both for various reasons, gives you a better than average chance of success. Good luck!

8. Why do candidates not find suitable partners in their home countries?

For many reasons. Many will consider that foreign men are more respectful to women than men from their home countries, and have already reached the stage where they have stopped looking at home. They are therefore very open to the idea of finding a foreign match, and are willing to move to his country of residence to make their life dream come true.

9. Why does your website not show any photos of the lady candidates?

For many reasons. Firstly, this site is not a supermarket or an online beauty pageant. There are numerous dating and other sites where you can while away the hours looking at ladies photos. But beware. Many of the photos are fake, and many of the sites are designed for moneymaking or scamming, rather than any serious matchmaking. Secondly, we suggest to you that the ladies looks alone will not be a sound basis for any long term success, so better not to focus too much on that in the first instance. Thirdly, we do not consider it respectful to our lady candidates to post their photos on the web. We respect their confidentiality as much as we do our male clients.  However, we are not naïve, and realize that how somebody looks or dresses gives a first impression to the viewer. Clients will therefore receive photos of each matched candidate when they have committed to moving forward with the process and before any meetings take place.

10. Do you assist with travel plans, visas, etc?

We will recommend possible travel itineraries, and advise you of visa requirements in relation to your travel destination if you so wish. We will also recommend a suitable hotel for your stay. All travel, visa, hotel and other personal costs are excluded from the service provided by Climbing Everest. But we will organize airport pick-up and drop-off for you at our cost.

11. Should I bring a gift for the candidates or for your manager/translator?

It's entirely up to you. But what lady does not like to receive a gift, however small?! And it immediately shows some respect from you to the candidates.